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I added some content management functionality to a website

July 1, 2015
Posted by admin

A while back, I built a website for a friend of mine, a Dublin based artist named Damien Flood.

When we originally designed and built the site, it became clear that it was going to be a fairly static website so we didn’t bother with any sort of Content Management functionality. Over time, I realised that Damien was requesting changes to the News section of the site fairly regularly (about once a month). Instead of him having to send that request through and then wait for me to action the requested changes, I decided to add a MySQL database to his website to manage the news section. This gave him the ability to add, edit and delete news items by himself.

I used PHP to handle the Create, Read, Update and Delete actions to the database. For the editing of the text, I used CKEditor’s HTML text editor. This is a free, open source text editor designed to simplify web content creation. Because it’s open source, it allowed me to remove a lot of functionality that we didn’t need in a text editor and just keep the basics (bold, italics, bullet lists, indenting, style formatting).


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