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I learned how to do light writing

January 1, 2015
Posted by admin

Light writing is basically long exposure photography where you use a torch or similar light source to write a short message that will appear in your photo.

It requires a digital SLR camera which has a Bulb mode on it. It also requires a tripod and a torch. If you want to have a subject in the photo, then you need a flash as well.

The bulb mode feature of your camera allows to have longer shutter speeds and therefore let more light into the photography. This feature can be used to photograph lightning. You would put your camera on your tripod and point it towards the lightning. You would then press the button take a photo which would open the camera shutter. Then you wait. Once Lightning has struck, you press the button again to close the shutter and you should have a cool photo of lightning.

I used the bulb mode feature to write a message on the photograph. I’ve got a remote control for my camera which I can use to open and close the shutter. So I would open the shutter, write the message with the torch and then close it again.

Writing backwards helps because then you don’t need to reverse the photograph to read the message. I found that cursive writing works best. One word messages are easier. Also, the letters i, j and t are difficult. Here’s the end result…

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